Information for Employers about ‘Work Welsh’

Date: 14 December - 14 December
Location: Copthorne Hotel, Cardiff
Trainer: Siwan Tomos and Gareth Ioan
Fee: Free
Time: 10:30 am - 12:30 pm

The Taster Session: Information for Employers about ‘Work Welsh’ will include: 

  • Information regarding the Information Service for Employers about 'Work Welsh'
  • Information about the opportunities available to you through the Work Welsh programme
  • An opportunity to share ideas regarding the learning needs in your organisation with regards to the Welsh language and skills
  • An introduction to the Information for Employers about 'Work Welsh' pack which includes the following information:
  1. An introduction to the current policy context;
  2. Information regarding the need to plan bilingual workplaces;
  3. Information about the advantages of developing institutional bilingualism for the learner, customer, other staff members and for the organisation;
  4. Advice on how to analyse learning needs with regard to the Welsh language in your organisation;
  5. Advice on the training available from the National Centre for Learning Welsh;
  6. Advice on supporting learners in the workplace, and
  7. Planning for the future.

The sessions are aimed at:

  • Language officers 
  • Training officers 
  • HR staff 
  • Managers