More than just words

Strategic Framework for Welsh language services in health and social care

Date: 04 December
Location: Llandarcy
Trainer: Elaine Davies
Fee: £85 (+TAW)
Time: 9:15 am - 12:30 pm

Training Workshop

This training is suitable for practitioners and managers in health, social services and social care. It offers an opportunity to get to grips with the core requirements of the Strategy and to consider focused and appropriate implementation.

The aim of the training is to address the significance of the Welsh Government strategic framework for the Welsh language in social care with reference to:

Why you need to develop the services available to Welsh-speaking service users

What you need to know about the strategic framework and the wider context of the Welsh language in contemporary Wales

How you can plan services with a view to implementing the principle of the Active Offer

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The Welsh language in contemporary Wales

An Introduction to More than just words

The experience of Service Users – the evidence base

The Active Offer – what this means for you

  • Identifying, developing and valuing bilingual skills
  • Exchanging good practice
  • Developing an action plan

Summary and evaluation