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The Welsh Government has published IAITH’s study of beliefs, behaviours and barriers affecting parental decisions regarding childcare and early education. The study focuses on a sample of parents who were not accessing government-funded early education or childcare.

The report is available here:


(Added on 15/01/2021)

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Placemaking is the Welsh Government’s way of realising the Wellbeing of Future Generation goals through the planning system. At the “Eisteddfod Amgen” (the virtual Eisteddfod) in August Owain Wyn, BURUM and Dr Kathryn Jones, Cwmni IAITH  presented a webinar  looking  at land use planning in Wales from the perspective of “a Wales ...with  a thriving Welsh language”, and in particular, the Government’s target of realising a million  Welsh speakers by 2050.  This article by Owain summarises that presentation and discusses from an interdisciplinary perspective what planners can and should do to strengthen Placemaking's contribution to the national effort.


(Added on 04/12/2020)

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The Listen project on language assertiveness has launched a new multilingual website at

The website gathers project information and news, as well as providing a platform for future project developments.


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Welsh Government has set an ambitious policy framework for Welsh with its Cymraeg 2050 document (Welsh Government: 2017). The document has received widespread support from a large number of members from all parties of the Welsh Parliament. However, despite this, and the goodwill towards Welsh across Wales, Welsh continues to face significant challenges.

Below, we outline some ideas that Welsh political parties could consider when drawing up their manifestos for the proposed national election.


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Placemaking…as if a thriving Welsh language mattered

The Placemaking principle is Welsh Government’s way of realising the Wellbeing of Future Generations’ goals through the planning system.


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IAITH is pleased to announce that The Methodological Guide for Inclusion in Centres with Plurilingual Programs has now been finalised and is now available to download.

Targeting pupils in the first years of secondary education, this project promotes minority language learning and provides a holistic approach to developing the linguistic, social and cultural skills for migrant and refugee pupils and pupils with additional learning needs. This innovative methodology is the fruit of a two-year collaboration between Acció Cultural del País Valencià, IAITH, ELEN, Dublin City University and Consiglio Nazionale Delle Ricerche via the EU funded Erasmus+ programme.


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Research project to understand the attitudes and behaviour of parents and guardians in relation to early years care and education

(Temporary freelance work with IAITH: Welsh Centre for language planning funded by the Welsh Government)


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Ffair Ffeirio Syniadau

Cyfle i fentrau cymunedol Cymraeg i ddod ynghyd i rannu profiadau a syniadau ac i drafod cyfleoedd i gydweithio a dylanwadu ar bolisi cenedlaethol

Register here


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Estyn Llaw Project: Summer 2018, Treuddyn

(Welsh Only) Enillwyd grant o £4900 gan IAITH drwy gynllun grant Arian i Bawb er mwyn gweithio gyda chymuned o bobl hŷn sy’n siarad Cymraeg. Darparwyd y prosiect o dan faner un o gynlluniau IAITH sef Estyn Llaw.  Bwriad gwreiddiol y prosiect oedd cynnal cyfres o weithdai i gynyddu sgiliau’r grŵp o safbwynt ymgysylltu o fewn eu cymunedau. Gwyliwch yr hanes yma


(Added on 30/10/2018)

Brexit and Our Land

Language Planners Wales have presented their response to the Welsh Government’s public consultation Brexit and Our Land


(Added on 29/10/2018)

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