The purpose of Language Planners Wales (LPW) is to bring together professional language planners in Wales in order to:

  • share information on language planning on a Welsh, British and European level;
  • facilitate a discussion on developments in the field;
  • promote professional development in language planning.

As it develops, Language Planners Wales will aim to offer opportunities to:

  • discuss issues of interest in occasional seminars and conferences; 
  • share good practice;
  • share papers and articles of interest to the field;
  • receive information and news via a regular e-letter;
  • contribute to an on-line discussion on language planning issues;
  • network with other language planners;
  • participate in processes to professionalize the field.

Language Planners Wales – Who is it for?

LPW exists for anyone involved in promoting the Welsh language or developing bilingualism in a professional capacity:

  • independent consultants
  • academics
  • researchers
  • staff from economic and community development initiatives
  • policy officers from public bodies and voluntary organisations 
  • staff from the mentrau iaith (language initiatives)
  • staff from cultural agencies

If planning for the Welsh language is a part of your job in anyway, LPW will be of interest.