Language Planners Wales

Cynllunwyr Iaith Cymru (Language Planners Wales) was established in 2006 by a group of professionals working in the field of language policy and planning in a variety of organisations and establishments throughout Wales, including some representatives of key bodies. The aim was to establish a professional forum that could, in due course, develop into a prosessional association of Welsh langugae planners.

The initiative was facilitated by IAITH, as part of our mission to raise and promote the professional profile of langugae policy and planning (LP&P) activity in Wales. A number of initial meetings were held in Aberystwyth during the winter and spring of 2006 in order to foster consensus and a shared ownership of the vision. As a result, LPW was launched formally at the Flintshire National Eisteddfod of 2007. A set of strategic objectives and core values was developed in workshops held in Aberystwyth during the autumn of 2007. And a draft framework for a professional accreditiation in resect of LP&P was also agreed in April 2008.

However, despite a working party being charged with the task of steering a way forward for LPW in 2008, including considering the option of establishing LPW as an independent body, some difficulties were faced and LPW was eventually incorporated within IAITH’s organisation from 2009 when charitable status was gained.

Since then:

  • an annual LPW lecture/debate has been hosted at the National Eisteddfod, attracting strong audiences, an event that has succeeded in raising the professional profile of LP&P within Welsh-speaking networks over the past decade;
  • numerous occassional seminars and conferences have been held on issues and topics pertinent to LP&P practitioners in Wales; and
  • a mailing list of LPW members has been managed with newsletters and notices being disseminated on a regular basis.

Currently, around 200 individuals have registered their interest directly with LPW with another 200 having attended events or enquired about developments in the field. LPW membership is currently free – although it is soon to be reviewed.

Why not join LPW, the professional forum for LP&P pratitioners in Wales, in order to further promote the common interests of our profession.