Over the past two years IAITH has been involved in an EU funded Erasmus + project called AN INNOVATIVE EDUCATIONAL METHODOLOGY FOR INCLUSION THROUGH MINORITY LANGUAGES. The project was led by Acció Cultural del País Valencià and the other partners were ELEN (European Language Equality Network), Dublin City University and Consiglio Nazionale Delle Ricerche. Here is a link to the project website: http://innolang.eu/ 

This project has developed an innovative pedagogic methodology to improve inclusion among migrant and refugee pupils as well as pupils with additional learning needs in minority language medium schools. Targeting pupils in the first years of secondary education, this project promotes minority language learning and the development of linguistic, social, and cultural skills through a holistic vision. You can access this new methodology here: http://innolang.eu/wp-content/pdf/Guia-Innolang-download.pdf