Language Planning Library

Language planning is still a relatively new activity in Wales. Welsh-specific and Welsh-located literature is still scarce for students, academics and practitioners alike.

One of the aims of IAITH: the Welsh centre for language planning is to encourage and promote new writing on various relevant topics.

The documents are available to be downloaded in pdf format. When quoting from articles and documents others are kindly asked to acknowledge the source as is customary.

IAITH Reports
Miscellaneous transactions
Articles, lectures and papers

IAITH Reports

Pori Drwy Stori Nursery (Oracy) Evaluation 2018-19 full report (Commissioned by Book Trust Cymru)  

Welsh as an Additional Language: Research into the level of need and current support provided to black and minority ethnic pupils with Welsh language support needs (2014)  Commissoned by Wlesh Government

Language, Identity and Citizenship:Children's attitudes and language use in welsh-medium primary schools (2011)

Welsh speakers' experiences of health and social care, Welsh Government and Care Council for Wales, Cardiff: 2011

Internal use of Welsh in the Workplace, Welsh Language Board (2011).

Ma' Dy Gymraeg Di'n Grêt: end of year assessment , Welsh Language Board (2011).

Research into Parents' Support Needs: Executive Summary (April 2010)

Research into Parents' Support Needs: Final Report (April 2010) (Commissioned by 20% Forum, Cardiff)

Opening Both Doors: An Introduction to Bilingual Youth Work (January 2010)

Miscellaneous transactions

Transactions 'Imagine a New S4C' (2001) (only available in Welsh)


Ioan, G; Dragon's Trove: introducing the Welsh dimension to Adult and Community classes in Pembrokeshire, Pembrokeshire Learning Network/IAITH, Newcastle Emlyn: 2011.

Davies,E; Language awareness on-line module as intranet training Resource for Carmarthenshire County Council (2011).

Davies, E; They All Speak English Anyway: Welsh language awareness training Resource (CD ROM), Care Council for Wales, Cardiff: 2010