IAITH: the language planning center was commissioned by Calon Tysul to conduct research and offer support in creating a specific course for Welsh speaking swimming coaches and teachers.


The aim of the project was to create purposeful resources for use during a residential course focusing on information and guidance regarding the importance and value of introducing swimming lessons through the medium of Welsh or bilingually.

In order to implement the project it was necessary to:

  • carry out research to map the need
  • hold meetings with relevant bodies in order to promote the work of the project
  • provide suggestions for including aspects of language awareness/language assertiveness within thecourse
  • produce digital learning resources
  • measure the impact on the stakeholders who had benefited from the project in order to identify the successes and obstacles

The focus of this project was on preparing a pilot training package that would support trainers and swimming teachers to increase their use of Welsh within their swimming lessons. The pilot residential weekend was held in Llandysul in March, 2023. For further information please contact post@iaith.cymru