Corporate language planning

What is ‘corporate language planning’?  We use this term to refer to language planning within organizations. In Wales, this work addresses the challenge of increasing the use of Welsh and bilingualism in the provision of services and within administrations. More than 550 public bodies in Wales, as well as a large number of voluntary organizations, already operate Welsh Language Schemes. From 2015 onwards, organizations within the scope of the Welsh Language (Wales) Measure 2011 will need to respond to the challenge of adopting and implementing Welsh Language Standards. 

As the first consultancy to pioneer in this field, IAITH’s experience in providing corporate language planning services is second to none. Many of Wales’ foremost public bodies are among our clients, including the Welsh Assembly, Welsh Government, prominent local authorities, health care organizations and social care providers, police authorities and other organizations in the criminal justice sector, Fire Authorities and many other organizations.

We offer advice and guidance on all aspects of developing corporate bilingualism:

  • developing working practices and systems to assist  organizations in complying with the Welsh Language Standards
  • facilitating and monitoring the implementation of Welsh Language Schemes and good bilingual practice
  • providing language awareness training for management and staff
  • providing training and guidance on recruitment and appointment matters
  • Bilingual Skills Strategies
  • undertaking a language skills audit
  • developing bilingual workplaces
  • mainstreaming the Welsh language
  • formulating staff guidelines and briefing staff on issues around bilingualism
  • formulating training plans
  • customer care and the Welsh language
  • the Welsh language in the context of Equal Opportunities
  • induction and ongoing support for Language Officers

We have also developed and implemented a number of pioneering projects, in collaboration with our clients, that offer imaginative answers to specific needs. . Click here for an summary list of the company’s current activities in this area..

We will be delighted to discuss your needs in connection with any aspect of developing corporate bilingualism.