Language Policy and Research

IAITH’s specialist language policy and research unit provides research evidence and analysis to a wide range of public bodies and academic institutions in Wales, the UK and internationally. Our research has provided a significant contribution to the field of Language Policy and Planning in Wales over the past 30 years. 

Our expertise includes:

  • Project and policy evaluations
  • Customer satisfaction / opinion surveys
  • Language impact assessments
  • Investigating compliance with language legislation and policy
  • Gathering research evidence to inform language policy at government and local levels
  • Participatory research projects in collaboration with community groups
  • Behaviour change

Since 1993, we have developed expertise in conducting research with families, children and young people; in workplaces, educational settings and local community contexts. We have undertaken work in the health and care sectors, education, the justice sector and in relation to language impact in land use planning.

We also collaborate with universities in Wales, the UK and internationally on academic research in the fields of early bilingual language socialisation, bilingual language and literacy practices, bilingual education, language and the economy, new speakers of Welsh and other languages in the context of a multilingual Europe. Our research is published in client-commissioned reports and academic journals and books. We also present our research in international academic conferences and seminars and conferences organised by IAITH.

Our team of experienced in-house staff and research associates enable us to develop high quality and robust quantitative and qualitative research methodologies to suit all types of research projects. 

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