Our vision is based on maintaining a centre of excellence in language policy and planning that contributes to the vibrancy of the Welsh language and other regional and minority langugaes.

The objectives of the centre are:

  • to assist organisations in developing bilingual practices through providing expert advice and support;
  • to undertake research and development projects relating to language policy and planning;
  • to promote professional training and other educational activities in the field of language planning.

Established in 1993 to help organisations in Wales promote the use of Welsh and develop bilingual practices, IAITH has found that its role, capacity and influence have grown steadily over the years..

Our clients include Wales' leading public bodies as well as organisations serving other language communities in Britain and Europe.

Our activities include:

  • providing consultancy services for organisations and communities;
  • implementing innovative research and development projects;
  • delivering education and training in langauge planning;
  • organising events for professional stakeholders, and
  • managing projects in the Welsh language field.